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     The Academy ensures, organises and performs education of:


  • judges,
  • prosecutors,
  • and court officials.


     The court officials as specified in act on court officials are:

- higher court officials (they assist judges in court and after 3 years and 30 years old, can take the exam for becoming judges),

- probation and mediation officials

- and court secretaries.


     Furthermore, in addition to organizing of lifelong training of judges, prosecutors and court officials the Judicial Academy prepares and subsequently verifies the professional knowledge and assumptions of future judges, future prosecutors and higher court officials necessary for the exercise of the position of a judge or a prosecutor by organizing a professional judicial examination.


     In accordance with § 3, section 5 of Act. No 548/2003 coll. the Academy also creates, administers and protects the database of the files from the field of criminal law, administrative law, labour law, family law, commercial law and civil law for the purpose of written part of the selection for judge vacancy in accordance with the principles for the selection procedure approved by the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic as well as for the written part of professional judicial exam.


Departments of law


     After the organizational changes the original 4 departments were transformed into 3 current departments:

  • Department of public law

- consists of criminal law, constitutional law, financial law and administrative law

  • Department of private law

- consists of civil law and commercial law

  • Department of the International and European law, initial education and social science disciplines


Pedagogical Staff of the Academy


     The Academy ensures education by means of the pedagogical staff according to the approved annual academic plan. The pedagogical staff comprises of:


  • heads of departments
  • external members


     The external members are mainly judges, prosecutors and experts from academia who are chosen by the Board of the Judicial Academy according to the criteria established by the Board.