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Language training on the vocabulary of judicial cooperation in criminal matters - FRENCH

    Zahraničné semináre
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    FRENCH Language - Applicants MUST have the knowledge at B2 LEVEL and experience in judicial cooperation in criminal matters
    Miesto konania: 
    Judicial Academy Croatia - Zagreb
    17. Marec 2014 - 9:00 - 21. Marec 2014 - 13:00
    Dátum uzávierky prihlášky: 
    10. Január 2014

    Travel costs, accommodation and meals are fully covered by EJTN to the participant.


    The objectives of the Linguistics seminars are:

    To improve the participants’ linguistic skills (oral and written) in order to facilitate direct contacts and communication between judicial authorities and to enhance mutual trust.

    To master the specialized vocabulary related to judicial cooperation.

    To familiarize participants with the various legal instruments in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal/ civil matters in Europe as well as to acquaint participants with the relevant online tools available on the Internet.

    To develop general knowledge of legal systems in the EU Member States.


    Methodology, topics  and structure

    Each group will be intensely trained for one week by two experts, a linguist and a legal expert.


    The following legal topics will constitute the basis of the discussion, legal and language training:


    For linguistics criminal seminars:

    ·         Surrender of persons: European Arrest Warrant and Extradition

    ·         Mutual Legal Assistance

    ·         Procedural rights

    ·         Enforcement of criminal judgments

    ·         Transfer of Sentenced Persons

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    To be announced later.

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    To be announced later.

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    JUDr. Jana Michaličková, odborný referent pre medzinárodné vzťahy, +421 911 960 687, jana.michalickova@ja-sr.sk
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    JUDr. Jana Michaličková, odborný referent pre medzinárodné vzťahy, jana.michalickova@ja-sr.sk
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    JUDr. Jana Michaličková, jana.michalickova@ja-sr.sk, 0911 960 687